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Yu stone energy group, is engaged in the energy industry and new materials development of national high-tech enterprises, corporate it Mr Jie (Zhong Fu Tong Co., Ltd, chairman, stock code 300560), in response to the call of national military and civilian integration and become bigger and stronger in the energy industry through 5 years of concentrated research and development and a large number of absorbing the international advanced technology and the establishment of a new original, the new material Co., Ltd. The company has a Chinas top hydrogen technology research and development team, the core staff for the domestic and foreign experts in the field of gas can, senior people オ 160 people. Yushi energy group co., LTD. Is located in jiangsu rugao as town phoenix road 88, from the start, a large number of absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology, recruit オ technical people, a stake in low, long service life of membrane electrode catalyst platinum Japanese company to absor...

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News center

What do brine needed to generate power?

The present invention belongs to the brine generator technology. A salt water generator aluminum anode material, weight percentage of each composition is: metal aluminium 97-99, sodium stannate 0. 1 ~ 2. 5, the metal indium 0. 01-0. 5, gall... 2020-03-10

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